There is no language which has no dictionary. A dictionary preserves the meaning of a language. It helps to communicate with other languages. A well-organized dictionary is the example of a standard language. From the above thoughts, we, the team developed the DictionaryBD.com web application. The main focus of the project is to organize the content perfectly so that anyone from any background can understand the actual meaning of a word.

In the English to Bangla dictionary, we have tried to cover almost all information which may include pronunciation, meanings, synonyms, examples in sentences etc. These parts of the dictionary help a learner to realize meanings quickly. We write, gather and combine various sources to provide the proper information about words.

Developing a dictionary is not that easy. Although we combine different sources, we will keep updating the existing words and adding new words regularly.

Support us by using this online dictionary and share it with your friends. Provide us with your thoughts by contacting us, so that we can make this dictionary more convenient and accessible.